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Friday, March 16, 2012

El Libro de los Secretos - The Book of Secrets (SPANISH Edition)

12 euros envio gratis
Finalmente la voluntad de ser ahora disponible en Español. 

12 euros envio gratis

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Raider Publisher - BE AWARE

Independent authors....Please be aware of some self publishing companies. 

I know some of you use POD companies and one to stay away from is Raider

MANY have had issues, paying Raider for their service and not getting anything in return. There has been frequent turnaround in staff, money going missing, promises not kept and most of all no royalties being paid. 

Think carefully where you are going to spend your money or be patient and I am sure you will find the right publisher who will except your book without having to pay for it. 

The company seems to rely on your payment to get your book published but it doesn't. Your money goes to them and nothing else happens. You do not receive copies of your book (as promised) and neither do you see anything else happening with it. The turnaround of staff is extraordinary and never will you have the same person assisting you with any queries or problems. When you do have a question, either they answer you after 2 months or they don't answer you at all. 

4 people in the past month have written to me to say thay have paid Raider to publish their book - 2 years ago and till this day nothing has happened; no royalties, no copies of books and no information sent to them regarding the stats of sales.

Please, do not waste your money as  I have had a number of people emailing me to complain. I also have found a number of sites on the web stating the problems others have had with them.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Paranormal Investigation Team Spain

PITS - An Investigation team that not only investigates things that go bump in the night but also research historical buildings to tell the story of what once existed within the old structure. 

They are historians, story tellers, ghost hunters that will show you the wonderful places around Spain, where to go, what you will find and,  hoping to make your trip memorable. 

The team also look into the many legends that are told throughout Spain -like the ghostly figure that rides his horse in Ripollè or the House of Seven Chimneys where a young girl died of a broken heart and her ghost still haunts the premises in Madrid. What about the sad tale of a village destroyed during the civil war - Belchite, (see pictures and story on this blog) where people have claimed to hear voices and strange sounds. 

So many to mention and if you are a person who is keen and interested in expanding your knowledge of and not only of these wonderful ghostly stories but also of Spain's History, email the team for more information.

Journey into the unknown and venture into a history full of insight, wonder, excitement, surprises and delight.


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Welcome to 2012

What's in store for 2012

The long awaited 2nd part to The Book of Secrets, The 13 Tortures is in its final draft. Release date should be around April.

Voices, a supernatural thriller is also soon to be released mid 2012.

Other works in the pipeline:

The Light and the Mourning Ground a novel of government corruption and voodoo.

Kraftwork, a story of magic, ghosts and ancient holy temples.

Belchite - A village destroyed during the Spanish civil war - but something sinister remained!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Happy YULE ..... Merry Christmas

To all my wonderful friends I bid you all the brightest and happiest YULE and may 2012 bring you all that you desire (within reason - don't be greedy)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Robert Sigl

Films such as Laurin, School's Out, Hepzibah and others along with great mini series such as Ghost Hunter John Sinclair, The Investigator and LEXX - The Series to name a few, have been works that not only grabbed audience's attention but is left embedded in one's mind to talk about years later.

I remember watching LEXX and thought how wonderful and entertaining it was - (Malcolm Mcdowell being one of my favourite actors) though in honest truth never thought to credit the director for his work (sorry about that Robert) It wasn't until I saw the film School's Out did I start recognizing Mr Sigls work. I wasn't a fan just yet but once Hepzibah was released, he reeled me in and now I have been trying to get my hands on most of his achievements.

Sigl has the power to direct you into a a dark realm filled with suspense and fright without the over indulgence of blood and gore (Schools Out being an exception). He leaves you with a sense of dread and that feeling of some strange presence lurking behind you and as the final credits roll, you just sit there, mesmerized as the film you have just watched repeats in your mind. Am I over exaggerating? No, not at all. I am sure you will find others who will tell you the same thing. 

Hepzibah - Aka The Village (2010) with the lovely Eleanor Tomlinson is a film that shows Robert at his best giving the viewers a taste of mystery, thrills and scares.

In 1987 came the film Laurin, a haunting movie about a mysterious little girl whose life is filled with strange and dark secrets. Filmed in Hungary, Laurin was awarded the Bavarian Award for best direction of a newcomer to the film industry - an award to be proud of at the age of 25!!!

Not only are there elements of surprise and dread, Sigl takes the audience a step further in the field of fright but it is not just the scare tactics he uses to make the scenes compellingly frightening but the suggestions that cause controversy is his form of drawing people in. We all know the saying,"Curiosity killed the cat" and as humans, we are drawn to curiosity and want to know more before we step away and begin criticizing what we had just witnessed.  (This I know as my book had that effect with some people.)

The Spider, Malcolm Mcdowell as the main character has already caused some controversy, and the film is still in production! The movie takes you to Istanbul where a student and his family have relocated. A series of horrific events take place  and an ancient tomb is unearthed. Possession, murder, reincarnation, sex, it's all there including elements which may cause that "controversy" to shine out into the media. Well, that's ideal if it does come to that, just proves the impact the film has made on the public, and the publicity - good or bad is always a positive thing. 

The way I see it, whether you are a writer, director, producer actor etc, one can not make the whole world happy. 

There is always going to be some type of negativity come your way, but a person who is not afraid to show what he is all about: gutsy, adventurous, open minded, you are sure to get a few surprises and shocks and that makes entertainment. Unfortunately there are people who read too much in what they see and can't spend an hour and a half to melt into a world of fiction and enjoy creativity, escape from the mundane and be part of a world where people are giving you a chance to share their artistry.

"The 13th Disciple" is another that will bring gasps of shock. Jesus's evil twin brother! How tasteful is that? And I really mean tasteful! Wow, never would I have thought of such an idea for a film. Just love it! It's a fantasy adventure filmed in India compromising of Indian actors where 2 German archaeologists look for evidence that Jesus visited India . They uncover that Jesus had an evil twin brother who has reincarnated as a head of a religious sect.

Robert Sigl, an underground film maker, a Hollywood blockbuster or a general entertainer, who brings to you gothic scares, science fiction humour, shocking and disturbing plots, however you look at him, he has a genre of his own and I for one give his work much credit. There is passion in what he does and for a man who enjoys sharing his talent should be respected and I am sure he is respected by most people.

I have been entertained and always walk away satisfied. I look forward to more of his work. 

All photos that appear on this blog are presented here under the
authorization of Robert Sigl. 

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